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Sound Design

Corporate Sound

... we will strike the right note for you!

Every company that uses sound for their communication influences it’s customers consciously or subconsciously and, depending on the implementation either in a good or bad way. We create a specific sound design for you, which is adapted to your corporate identity and represents your company or brand directly at the POS.

Are you communicating with the right sound yet?

We will make your brand's voice heard!

Corporate Sound

... and your brand will be in full swing!

Sensarama focuses on sound design at the POS. We offer sound conceptions, that purposely avoids a constant stream of random music. We set our focus on creating an atmosphere supporting the brand identity and drawing the customers attention to the offered products and services. Based on scientific knowledge in sound psychology we create your individually tailored sound concept representing the corporate values at the POS, reducing stress and eliminating disturbing noises with sound showers. 

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