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Scent Marketing

Scent Design

... and your customer's nose will be enchanted!

A successful olfactory communication creates the desired emotions quickly and easily, without overwhelming the customers cognitive capacity. 


Branding with scent is more than just a catchphrase! A scent composition becomes a distinctive point of reference and makes selected emotions and brand values visible not only at first sight, but also at first smell so to speak. Our brain recognizes smell long before other sensory impressions. Scent arouses emotions and memories even after many years.

Are you communicating with scent yet?

We can give your brand a scent!


Corporate Aroma

​... give your brand a scent!


A Corporate Aroma (CA) is a unique scent composition individually tailored to your organisation’s corporate identity and your target groups. The CA makes your brand recognizable by communicating it by your customers’ olfactory sense. Linking your desired company image to the Corporate Aroma enables a clear and unambiguous differentiation from competitors.


The creation of your Corporate Aroma is based on scientific know-how in neuro-marketing, colour psychology and brain research. This scientific approach combined with our consultation expertise made it possible to successfully implement Corporate Aromas in a wide range of large-scale enterprises. The creation of aroma follows a defined process, based on the core values of the Corporate Identity and Design, leading to the scent briefing of the perfumers and finally reaching the Corporate Aroma. The Corporate Aroma is created exclusively for your brand!


Our aroma scenting appliances


We offer the appropriate and ideal aroma-scenting appliance for each room dimension. Our scenting technique is subject to the highest quality standards, exclusively based on only cold evaporation and exclusively produced for SENSARAMA. According to the conditions on site we offer you the most effective scenting solution possible. 


Our high quality standards

  • Our scent creations are based on exclusively high-quality essential oils and natural basic materials. Furthermore, our fragrances correspond to the strict guidelines of IFRA and RIFM.

  • Our scenting systems work exclusively with cold evaporation processes. Fragrances are never burnt or heated.

  • In the centre of professional aroma conceptions are our extensive know-how and many years of experience.

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