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... hitting the mark!

SENSARAMA has been working in the consulting sector for more than 20 years. The CEOs have a background as traditional business consultants with a focus on rehabilitation and implementation of management systems. They have completed many successful projects with a wide range of SMEs and corporations.

​SENSARAMA has been focussing on multisensory marketing for more than 15 years. Proceeding from our core competencies in scent marketing and colour psychology we cooperate with a range of experts, universities and institutions to provide a holistic multi-sensory package of measures.

For creating, controlling and maintaining an optimized promotional atmosphere at the Point of Sale, SENSARAMA invented a tool called “Emotional Point of Sale Management - System®”. Sensory impressions and emotions will be directly guided at the Point of Sale and the most efficient measurements purposefully implemented. The EPM System serves the optimization of the overall multi-sensory impression.

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