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Achievements of our scenting solutions at the point of sale

1. Change of retention period and path in food retail store 

  • During the scenting period, 63% of the consumers thought that they had stayed a shorter period on site.

  • Whereas the study showed that in fact, the actual retention period had increased.

Aisle of food retail without scent marketing

without scent

Aisle of food retail with scent marketing

with scent

Market research TNS scent Marketing

2. Study TNS Market Research Institute - Food stores

  • Customer loyalty was 25% higher in the scented food stores than the European-wide benchmark in retail. Consumer experience results from four vital factors: Overall evaluation of point of sale, recommendation rate, repeat purchase intention, advantage compared to other food stores.

3. Change of customer impression and impulse buying rate

spontaneous purchase rate duftmarketing
improvement with scent marketing

regular ambience

scented ambience

4. Scenting Coffee Machines

  • The amount of coffee consumed rose by plus 9% in relation to the daily average

  • Up to 62% increase in the customer flow surrounding the vending machine

  • The average retention period (per day) increased by up to 25%

  • The number of heavy users shot up from 27% to 54%

  • The number of regular customers who buy a coffee daily rose by 10%

Dwell time at coffee machines without scent marking
Coffee without scent marketing
Dwell time at coffee machines with scent marking
Coffee with scent marketing
Achievements of our sound solutions at the Point of Sale

5. Change of customer impression and impulse buying rate - Sound design

Sound design spontaneous purchase rate
Improvement through sound design
Services Employees Scent Marketing
Services Customers Scent Marketing
Results service sector
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