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Scent marketing

Your nose is unerring. Long before we see, we smell. Awakening feelings. Scent marketing creates emotional spaces with little effort. Make use of this competitive advantage, rely on our experience. The range of fragrances is diverse.

Antivirale Wirkung von ätherischen Öle

Air purification using

essential oils

Scientific case studies have shown that essential oils have antiviral properties that can reduce the risk of the virus spreading. Our essential oils can be used as an effective disinfectant, preventative and therapeutic in different environments.

Imagine ...

… walking through a light-flooded marketplace, feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin and seeing the breathtaking play of colours of the scenery. You hear the calls of the market vendors and become aware of an irresistible scent in the air. Drawn by the smell of ripe pears, you hold one in your hand, touch and feel the soft skin, smell the fruity aroma as you let it melt in your mouth with pleasure.  
Leaving a multi-sensory impression...this is what we can do for you!
Your Sensarama
Multisensorisches Marketing
Multisensorisches Marketing

Multisensory Marketing

Experience with ALL your senses – that’s what multi-sensory marketing is all about.

Multi-sensory marketing describes measures that consciously address multiple senses of the consumer and thus influence perception, assessment and behavior. The trick is to render even the most complex issues simple and understandable.


The advantage of having as many sensory channels as possible simultaneously is that the emotional experience for the recipient is all the more intense when stimuli reach more than one level of perception. The combination increases the probability of associative links.


The result is images and messages that manifest much deeper. Crucial to success is the harmonious coordination of all sensory influencing measures and the communication of the same message.

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